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big revamp/update coming soon.

07/07- I recently closed and locked the website for a few days. I was going to finish updating and revamping before reopening, but I asked for some opinions and decided it was best to keep this open until I'm finished because I don't know exactly how long it'll take. I'm changing so many things that I don't like, or am sick of. There's going to be a bunch of updates. Say your goodbyes to the layout cause that's going to be changing too. Anyway, in rl news I'm moving in 3 weeks 5 days :D

we'll go slow and high tempo

Sooo the website got a big revamp/update. As you can tell there's a new layout. I made the layout, but major shoutout to Kelsie♥ for making the header since I really didn't feel like doing that shit. You'll notice a lot of stuff was deleted or moved around or revamped. There's new updates: border psd's, brushes, deco psd's, patterns, pattern psd's, preview psd's, and stylesheets. Candylace now has avatars and timeline covers..umm finally? I didn't have enough time to get the rest up, so that will all be coming over the next month. The new tutorials and more new stylesheets will be coming next week. Thanks for being patient asf with me and I hope you mfers love this new shit.

why i got you on my mind

Just letting you know that there is a huge revamping coming in January-Feb. Most of the resource previews will be updated cause I hate the current ones and I'm sick of seeing them omfg. There will be a lot of revamping on most resources AND some tutorials. A new layout is most definitely on the way! I'll also be moving stuff around and deleting a bunch of sh!t I don't want anymore. I have so many new updates to put up, it's like...unreal...how many there are. Thank you so much @ everyone who uses Candylace. You are what keeps me motivated <3